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walkertown high school
The place that nobody knows and nobody wants to know. It is so much drama that even the teachers get

into it. Where all the athletes think they are the shit until they graduate, and can barely make it into a D3 school, posting “throwbacks” of their “glory days” on Instagram. Where walkertown girls become mommies faster than they get their high school deploma, only to realize they were impregnated but their third cousin. Sheetz is where it’s at, whether you are getting some gas or smoking it. The only place where you actually get into trouble for having school spirit, but who can blame them, the only team who is actually good it their XC team and NOBODY cares about that! All in all its a great place to be stuck with the same people for four years, or for most- longer.

Jim Bob: Walkertown High School lost another basketball game tonight.

Mary Sue: At least everyone kept their shirt on this time!