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people who see someone they know somewhere outside of where they normally see them like either work, school, or something like that. but they do not want to be seen or maybe do not like the person so they just look away and walk away from them.
man i hate walkaways, one time i saw billy and i needed to ask him something about our homework but he used a walkaway.
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Walk Away
The act of taking a dump and when going to wipe realizing nothing is there and you’re free to go.
“Dude when i took my shit earlier today it was a walk away!”
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walk away
When a situation arises that the resulting payoff is not worth the time , effort, or money to justify staying involved, ending in abandonment.
1. Tim and Marsha owed more on their mortgage than their house was worth. It ended up being a walk away.

2. “Julie is such a complaining bitch. I think I’m headed for a walk away.”

3. “Forget it, man. You’ll never see that money again. Walk away.”
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A person whom you meet as an acquaintance but seems very close within the short span, despite the fact you know you guys might head separate ways
I met lot of walk-a-way friends
walkaways: define #5
When you take a shit and know as soon as you pinched off the last loaf that there is no need to wipe. Not even a courtesy check. Get up, pull up your pants and continue with your day. Not possible after a night of drinking, mexican food or a three gallon enema.
“Wow, I cant believe that was my third walkaway today” he exclaimed to his girlfriend right as she started to go down on him.
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A person that leaves organized religion.

Theocracy religion right wing extremism Dominion Dominionism Dominionists Christofacist Christofacism
I am a walkaway from my church.
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The sweet sweet view from behind a pair of jiggling buns swaying from side to side and walking away from you.
Damn baby you are so fine. Now turn around and let me see your walk-away