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walk the track
The act of walking up and down a designated street, boulevard or avenue by a prostitute; in order to be

seen, noticed and catch the attention of prospective customers.
Also, Circle the block

A pimp usually brings his girl to the same spot, regularly, to walk the track.

After he puts her on the track, he will usually remain “out of sight” and anonymous, while close enough to watch over his interests.

She will work only in this area, walking around and around the same block until she is propositioned by an interested, potential client.

She may get into a customer’s vehicle and drive with him to a less busy area to perform the agreed act, however when they are finished he drives her back to the same spot where he picked her up, so she can continue to work and walk the track.

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walk the track
when a pimp or a bitch talks about the track, they are talking about where bitches and hoes solicit customers. The reason it is called track is because bitches often walk around a few city blocks. Bitches standing around and not moving are breaking the law but if a bitch wants to take a walk around the block then there’s no law preventing her from doing so. Therefor track is normally confined to one area that is close to busy areas of the city but far enough that it doesn’t attract unwanted attention. The Track is also usually in well lit areas where there are traffic lights. Bitches will normally walk track in groups of 2-3, but walking track by themselves is normal as well. A pimp will normally be parked in a side street off of track where he can see when his bitches walk around the part of track visible to him.
Get out there and walk the track