Best definition
A very small town that is populated with mostly whites, italians, and spaniards. It is advised not to enter, due

to shock of boredom.

waldwick: define #2
A town in New Jersey with a population of 9,625 that is about 40 minutes away from New York City, including traffic time. It and Midland Park aren’t as wealthy as their surrounding rich towns like Ridgewood and Saddle River. However, it’s a nice Bergen county town, but like most towns in the area, it’s boring. Even the nearby Ridgewood downtown gets boring, so you’ll probably end up taking the train or driving to New York City. The downtown is pretty decent with great food and stores, but there’s a gas station, Rite Aid, and Burger King there that just ruin it. Also there’s a bunch of Hispanic guys who all cram into one house by the railroad. They often stare at white people as if they saw Hitler. How is their shitty El Rodeo store still in business anyway? Just hang out in Ridgewood like most people in this area do. The population is 90% white (many Italians), 5% asian, 1% black , and 4% Latino. Really diverse! There’s a car show and carnival every year as well as Waldwick Day. In The Swing is an arcade, and there’s the Sports Dome, which is used by the New York Red Bulls and other athletes, Hoop Heaven for basketball, a pool, and probably some other stuff I don’t recall. There’s a Montessori private school, as well as the Forum School. All the schools are much like the schools in the other surrounding towns: well regarded but full of cocky white kids. There are nice fields and parks, as well as a small lake. It’s a nice town, but the boredom of suburbia quickly sets in.
Hey, Waldwick was a nice town up until those Hispanic dudes at El Rodeo gave me the death stare…

Are there any non-white people in Waldwick? Yes, but finding them is like finding a rare Pokemon.

(At the train tracks) A wild Hispanic appears! INS I choose you!

waldwick: define #3
A small town in which is divided mainly among white people and spaniards who live in 10 houses in the same general area. A “Little Mexico” can be found next to the train station and “Little Mexico’s” epicenter is marked by the store “El Rodeo.” Mexicans are frequently riding bikes. Every Waldwick High School Student has worked in Stop and Shop, Eckerd, Walgreens, or 7-11 at some point. Most drugs are found on Maple. Fat Pat is teenagers’ worst enemy. Little green men called “Slow Joes” are frequently stolen off lawns. Kevin Gaffney and Lena Jacquin can be found driving through the streets at any given time of the day or night.
“I’ve been driving in Waldwick for 10 minutes and I’ve seen 3 mexicans and Lena Jacquin 7 times”
waldwick: define #4
A painfully small town of mostly white people and hispanics, where nothing ever happens…EVER. You will frequently see groups of teenagers walking around, hanging by the turf, walgreens, and 7-11 because there is nothing better to do.

Main attractions: Matthews- the only place that anyone ever stops at when passing through Waldwick.

El Rodeo- No comment

The donkey with a missing ear- Statue near the condos that burnt down once.

Ex 1:”Hey, Let’s go to waldwick”

“Where the hell is that?”

Ex 2: “Oh, let’s go to Matthews!”

“I love that place, where is it again?”

“Between Allendale and Ho Ho kus.”

Ex 3: “I heard there was a nightclub underneath el Rodeo!”
waldwick: define #5
waldwick is a small town where there are frequent house parties, blunt smoking, acid dropping, crack smoking, pill poppin animals, line blowin, drink beers, cum guzzling whores, and mexicans. and 2 niggers.

and the arandas

I’m going to go to Waldwick to smoke a blunt, fuck a whore, and drink some fortys with mah niggaz.

I heard waldwicks got that bubonic chronic.

waldwick: define #6
– a place where you used to see a large “i love Tony DAnza” sign from above looking down on to the football field.

– a place full of too many big dogs.

– a place where a 7-11 is run by white people….

waldwick = mildland park – wendy’s
waldwick: define #7
A small town in Bergen County. The least wealthy of its surrounding towns, which include Saddle River, Midland Park, Ho-Ho-Kus, Wyckoff, Ramsey, and Allendale. The football team sucks. The basketball team sucks. The soccer team is okay, but their division sucks. The baseball team sucks. Basically, no one in Waldwick can run or throw a ball. The girls in Waldwick are HOTT! There are no local celebs EXCEPT for Danny Tamborelli (from Pete and Pete) who doesn’t even live there anymore. The 7-11 is run by white people. The mexicans are from El Salvador, so everyone can stop calling the area by El Rodeo “Little Mexico” and it can be called “Little El Salvador.” There are like 100 El Salvadorians living in 3 houses. They hang out by the train tracks. The cops in Waldwick love drama. The traffic in Waldwick is really bad only at 3 pm when the HS gets out, because the Waldwick HS kids don’t know how to drive. Most people in Waldwick are emo, and some are self-mutilators.
Yo, I just visited Waldwick High School and I saw like 500 emo kids. My car got smashed into on the way out. So I drove to Little El Salvador to see if someone could fix it.