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commonly used by somolians at silverthorn colligiate, meaning i swear to god.

walahi give me a dollar

walahi say walahi

walahi give me my hat back
walahi: define #2
Walahi can be translated to ” I Swear to God” in slang terms. Somalians say this shit literally on repeat mainly in Toronto/Etobicoke and it gets fucking annoying
Walahi Fam sauce (Pass) me my phone charger dawg… Yoo dawg mans be making gwap, walahi these man’s dont even share fam
walahi: define #3
Arabic for ‘i swear to Allah’
“Walahi i’ve never been more happy in my life than i am right now” – Napoleon aka Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale
walahi: define #4
I swear to god.

This word has an arabic background and is often said by many people regardless of their location.

Person 1: I just bought some <insert name here>

Person 2: Say Walahi guy!
walahi: define #5
Slang for ”I Swear to Allah”

Used by Muslims.
Man: Did That Really Happen?

Dude: Walahi!!