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Wakefield High School
An underfunded and under recognized high school in Arlington, Virginia. Teenagers from all around the world come to Wakefield to

get caught up in the brutal American high school life with drugs and thugs. The county cares very little about Wakefield, seeing it as a place to dump all the poor and brown students in. Overall, in Wakefield, you learn that life is harsh, and you’re the only one you can trust.Also Dorktown sucks.

Student: Hello, are you new to Wakefield High School?

Foreign Student: Jes

Student: Want to buy some weed?

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Wakefield High Schoolcollege
As far as I know, I am a SUPERFAN of one of the high schools of Northern VA placed within the leagues of South Arington: Wakefield high school.

Wakefield is well known in each of the three categories:

1. In athletics for Varsity Boys Basketball and Cross Country/Track Teams.

2. In academics for our It’s Academic Team and Senior Project Program.

3. And in the performing arts of String Orchestra and Theater.

We are also known for our diversity, well rounded student body, Senior Project, and the ability to trick teachers in thinking that we really don’t smoke, drink, or have sex. So don’t get at us if you think we suck. We’re better than you — just don’t look at the demographics.

I go to Wakefield High School.
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Wakefield High School
Wakefield is some hot shit!!!!!!!!!


For all you stupid people that think u better then us and shit thinkin we a ghetto skool…

F*** YOU!!!!

#1 superfan

And I go to wakefield Highschool
Our basketball team is the shit!!!!

District champions 2 years in a row.. and this year Northern Region CHAMPS!!!!

In your face
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Wakefield High Schoolcollege
High School located in Central North Carolina. Think there good at sports but really suck at almost everything. Primary hangout is Sheetz gas station where they will spend almost every Friday and Saturday night. It is also very common to find many Wakefield students at sheetz during the week for lunch. Rivals with Wake Forest Rolesville, however if you lose everytime you really can’t call it a rivalry. However they are known for there academics and marching band.
Wakefield High School students spend most of their free time hanging out in the Sheetz parking lot.
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Wakefield High School
The Shit. Straight up, The SHIT!

We don’t have the yorrkie skank, and STDs in the air. We dont have a team name that rhymes with “Genitals.” Wakefield just straight Kicks Ass.

Man, Wakefield took a HUGE Hot Carl of the northern region.
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Wakefield High Schoolcollege
A high school In Arlington County, full of juuling freshmen, annoying ass sophmore, juniors who aren’t shit and seniors who think they’re the shit .where you get played all the time by assholes . It’s where foreign students get to learn the harsh reality of high school. It’s where if you’re non PC you get fucked over
1: Hey you ever heared of wakefield High School

2: yeah, this where i went for high school

1: it’s full of dick heads ,right?

2: yes