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ITS NOT A SKI! gawd! the origin of wakeboarding comes from “skurfing” which came from skiing and surfing combined.

The style of the boar is closer to surfing and you are positioned more similar to a surfer rather then a skier. But the skiing part comes from the fact that you do have a boat towing you with a rope and handle, and that you have bindings. Wakeboards have many things that affect the board including, fins and whether you have them or not, the rocker (how far off the ground each side comes). The smaller the rocker the better the rider. Same with fins, no fins=difficult but no fins also=better rider. I for one have been wakeboarding since i was 10, and im 15 now.

The lake is glassy, it’s a good time for wakeboarding.
wakeboarding: define #2
A sport of champions, ivolving a water skier using a large snowboard like ski, called a ‘wakeboard’

Easy way to show of to the ladies
Guy – “I love wakeboarding, i go every weekend”

chick – “really?………lets fuck!”
wakeboarding: define #3
Wake Boarding
An alternate spelling of wakeboarding.

v.) the process of using a board, slightly longer and wider than a skateboard, to ride and perform tricks while being pulled behind a watercraft.

Yo, the lake is so smooth it looks like a mirror. Let’s go wake boarding poste haste!
wakeboarding: define #4
Watersport where a skier is towed behind a boat using a rope and is similar to snowboarding except on water. You can do sick tricks off the wake of the boat such as the tootsie roll, scaracrow, etc. It’s the only tight watersport.
“Dude lets take you boat, hit the lake, and bust out some major air wakeboarding!”