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The viewing of a dead body before the funeral.

It was good to go to the Notorious B.I.G.’s wake before they cremated his body.
wake: define #2
The experience of waking up in the middle of the night, and not being able to go back to sleep for a couple of hours or so. This usually leads to you doing things like checking Facebook, eating snacks and just generally doing what you’d do during the daytime, before going back to sleep like it never happened. The exact opposite of taking a nap, sometimes referred to as a ‘reverse nap’. They are super inconvenient.
Emma: Hey, why were you posting something on Facebook at 5am last night?

Issie: Oh I was taking a wake.

Emma: Damn, I hate wakes. They’re so inconvenient.
wake: define #3
Tullamore slang for being tired, wrecked, hungover, and being in bits from laughing
Hungover :Well jim how are ya after last night, Jim: Im fuckin Wake

Laughing :Hahahahaha thats hilarious hahaha im Wake

Tired: im just oua bed, im Wake
wake: define #4
another word commonly used arround the nottingham area for a small traveling fairground often run by gypsies.
‘are you going to the wakes tonight mate?’

‘yeah i cant wait to get on them rides!’

‘wakes is on in town this weekend’

wake: define #5
A descriptive word used to express how excellent something is. The word can also be used to express ones excitement.

See: Dank

1. Hey bro, we went to the bingo and left with two milfs. It was totally wake.

2. Callum: Hey dude we’re going to the peep show later

Jules: Wake

wake: define #6
Wake , is another word used to describe laughter
I am wake at you ,
wake: define #7
a family tree full of twats
james wake, eve wake, amanda wake, jenny wake, jamie wake