Wake up text

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Wake up text
It’s when you text someone late night, midday, AM or when you assume the other person is asleep and you’ve

got something pointless to say and you start out a very pointless conversation with a text that reads… “Wake up text”. This text may be altered in any means necessary to suit your style as long as the phrase “Wake up text” is still included and in the same exact order with “Wake” right before “up” and followed by “text”

It is 4am at Purdue and Gerard is studying. Rigorously.

Meanwhile, Don at UIC lays his head on his Barney pillow.

Gerard text’s: Wake up text

Don replies: Thanks. What you doin?

*Texting continues through the night*


Gerard text’s: Wake up text bith!

Don replies: **DOESN’T REPLY**