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A fictional western African country from mavels comic books and movies

Black panther is based on the kingdom of a wakandan king

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Wakanda: define #2
King – This is no place to die! *FUCKING DIES*
Man 1 – Have you heard about Wakanda?

Man 2 – Oh yeah! That place with the disappointing king?
Wakanda: define #3
Wakanda is a phrord for “what kind of”.
In 1992, Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck” album presented a number of hilarious phrords . My favorite was: Wakanda – Hey Honey, wakanda beer you want me grab for ya?”
Wakanda: define #4
A state in the sub-saharan african continent. The state is made out of vibranium which is the strongest substance on earth. The ruler as of 2018 is king T’Challa
Wakanda Forever
Wakanda: define #5
sub saharan Africa.
Senegal and Nigeria will represent Wakanda in Russia 2018 world cup