Best definition
Waiva is a soft spoken girl, she is a very shy girl and hates talking to people she doesn’t know.

How ever if you end up being her friend she will be the only friend you will need. If you need someone to cry on she will be there, if no one is there she will be the only one there even if you were wrong she will still stick by your side. It’s kind of hard to get on her bad side if you’re really close with her. She’s a great person to be around she’s silly funny and very beautiful. Most of the time waivas have blue eyes and brown hair and love soccer they perfer to play goalie but are very hard on their self if they mess up. They push themselves more and more each day but besides that waivas tend to be very lazy and hate walking all this being said if u ever get a chance to meet one u must never get on her bad side because if u do they are very scary they will mess you up but other then that they are the best thing that could ever happen in your life Waiva Will be like your sister wife and she will be there to protect you, you might not like what she says but she’s saying it because she truly loves you

Waiva is my best friend