wait what

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wait what
And exclamation when someone suddenly realizes something isn’t right.

Person1- Dude, I like, cha…

Person2- Cool.

Person2- Wait, what?
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Wait. What?
A way of indicating that the thing you or someone else just said makes no sense.
A new law prohibits smoking in restaurants, bars and on the grounds of hospitals and schools. But prisons, psychiatric institutions and retirement homes exempted…

Wait. What?

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Wait. What?
A phrase used to back the conversation up when you realize you weren’t listening. You caught the ice cream end of the conversation,and oops, you wish you had heard the meat and potatoes. It could be important, so you use this phrase to try and sneak by the fact that you were thinking about dirty pics and bacon cheeseburgers while your friend was pouring their heart out. Hopefully they’re so distraught they’ll rewind and repeat without noticing.
“……..And he left me there all drunk with no shoes and my weave falling out!”

“Wait. What?”
wait what: define #4
Mantra of the Attention Deficit Disordered. Literally: stop talking and start over. Needs a good full 1 second pause between words. “wait (one thousand one) what?” and it’s vital that eye contact is not made.
” so were both going to have to go in both cars so we can leave one for Will at his work so he won’t have to get a ride home.”

… … “wait…what?”
wait what: define #5
wait what
a phrase used when one is confused with what is happening in a situation, or has not heard what another person is saying
a) person 1: did you hear what happened to insert name here

person 2: something happened? wait what?!

b) person 1: inaudible mumbling and yeah

person 2: wait what?!

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wait what: define #6
Wait what
What pops out when someone accidentally confesses things to you involuntarily due to your gypsy carney curse
Dave Grohl, MetaJennys incubus finally materials in her living room with A neceomancied Kurt contain after having quantum jumped to an alternate multiverse / 498 , …” What … Wait what?””you’re here too”?they all scream in perfect synchrony as eminem sees wiz Khalifa and approx 74 other battlerappers naked together in a hot tub with one ogled chick.
wait what: define #7
Wait… what?
A phrase used when something isn’t right.
Guy: 1 + 1 is 41023012

Guy 2: Wait… what?

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