waist hugs

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waist hugs
The act of hugging a person around the waist with face buried into their crotch. Most effective on complete strangers.

This is considered a regular greeting in the “rawr bear penis” lifestyle movement.

Charly was goin around the bar givin waist hugs to everyone last night, I thought that biker dude was gonna punch him.
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Waist Hug
Waist Hug is started when you meet a new person for the 1st time and you give them a “hello” hug, As you get closer to them you “accidentally” slip and your head becomes submerged into their crotch. Many relationships have started this way.
I met Chrissy’s lesbian friend Kelly the other day and I asked if I could give her a hug. She got a waist hug instead and she’s been speechless from that moment on.