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The most weird, funny, strange, odd, retarded, and awsome family in the universe!

Person 1- Why is the neighborhood red?

Person 2- Must be those Wainwrights again.
Wainwright: define #2
A small town located in East Central Alberta. The only reason anybody outside of Alberta has heard of it is because it houses a Canadian Forces Base that is only really there to use the massive tracts of land around it.

The actual town itself is a trashy place where the only source of amusement is for the townsfolk is to drive up and down main street in their pick up trucks or go out into the back woods and drink their life away.

If you are posted there, watch out. Most of the townsluts are either diseased, or under the age of 16. Seriously. Most people there lose their virginity before the age of 12. If you can, avoid this town like the plague.

Soldier 1: Where’s our next course?

Soldier 2: CFB Wainwright.

Soldier 1: …..shit.
Wainwright: define #3
A lanky or clumsy person who is crap at football and actually has no skill, but they think that they are Ronaldinho.
Damn, looks like we’re taking a bunch of Wainwrights to the World Cup again….
Wainwright: define #4
To be in the lowest rank in League of Legends. e.g Bronze.
Did you know that Sam is such a Wainwright?

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Wainwright: define #5
A wagon or cart builder.

Wain mean wagon or cart. And wright just simply means builder.

Hey George go hire some wainwrights we need some so they can build some carts and wagons for us.