Best definition
An exclamation– noting great excitement.

I just got a 300% raise! WAHPAH!
wahpah: define #2
What you ordah at Burgah King in Boston.
“I’d like a wahpah, fries, and a coke.”
wahpah: define #3
A Latino expression used when something awesome happens or when you’re feeling good. It can also be used as a plain old word, like awesome
Father: I set the computer so you can’t do any chatting without my secret password.

Son: let me guess, is it “WAHPAH!”?.

Father:..not anymore it ain’t

wahpah: define #4
1.a word used to express ‘to whip’.

2. a word used to express nothing to say after an insult? like pronounced: ‘to-shay’

3. a greeting

word used in an episode of Friends

1. “Your name is Toby! Wahpah! Go back to your plantation!”

2. “your ugly!” “wahpah!”

3. “WAHPAH!” “hello to you too”
wahpah: define #5
can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and all that shit…to express joy, sadness, highness, a greating, a random sputer of randomness, everything (melissas and kierstens favorite word)
alexa our wahpahs ditched us

we so wahpahed you today Q

brenden and Q are wahpahed for eachother


your tobey, wahpah!

give me a piggy back ride john, wahpah!

wahpah: define #6
means quick and fast but painful and hard to forget
like bruce lee or jackie chan’s karate chop ” Waaahpaaah”