Best definition
To approach the alcohol isle calmly, grab a case of beer and run the hell out like there’s no tomorrow.

Last night at the corner mart John went in to pull off a wahoo while I waited in the car, but a cop tackled him on the way out.
Wahoo: define #2
Nickname for the Virginia Cavaliers, coined after the fish. Referred to by Virginia fans as the ‘Hoos often.
Let’s go ‘hoos!

Wahoo-wa, Wahoo-ray, hey, hey, UVA!

Wahoo: define #3
1) an exclamation of joy, oftentimes replacing such words as yippee, yay, or hot damn.
1) wahoo! i got accepted into yale!

2) wahoo! that girl/guy has got a nice ass!

3) today is just full of wahoo.
Wahoo: define #4
A University of Virginia student, faculty. Plural, a UVA team.
Did you catch the Wahoo game on ESPN?

We should invite him to Tim’s party. After all, he’s a Wahoo.
Wahoo: define #5
Old indian term meaing “wrong hole!!!”.
“WAHOO” she screamed out when inadvertantly the wrong orifice was penetreted.
Wahoo: define #6
someone that can drink twice their weight, can be turned into verb if you wahoo-ed last night ( drank to excess )
Hide the beer here come the wahoos!
Wahoo: define #7
1. UVA student

2. Derrogatory word

3. Popped-collar sporting, butt plug using, all-around ugly and rich off mommy and daddy’s money….assholes
There were a bunch of fuckin wahoos at that party last night.

Don’t EVER call me a wahoo.