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whereafter farting in the general vicinity of another person you procede to wave the stank from your anus towards their


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wafting: define #2
The olfactory phenomenon that occurs when a woman who neglects her personal hygiene chooses to use “natural” sea sponge tampons or nothing whatsoever to staunch her mentstrual flow.
Everyone noticed the smell of Jodi’s rank menstrual ooze wafting throughout the room during the staff meeting.
wafting: define #3
The act of waving a smelly fart towards someone else’s face…often done as a symbol of love in bed…
Tom woke up in the morning and just couldn’t help wafting his fart, using the duvet to help.
wafting: define #4
Seeing the vapors of a slammed up clam.
That bitches clam was wafting up out those apple bottoms.