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What A Fuck Load Of Fail. Cousin word of aflof but used by itself whereas aflof is used in a


40-year-old-man-named-Edgar: Hey junior high school girls, why don’t you jump on into my nightrider?? I got candy and joose and some 4locos 😀

13-year-old-girl-named-Stephanie: Waflof. Cmon Jeanette let’s go home. I don’t like pedophiles.

12-year-old-girl-named-Jeanette: You’re right Steph, this guy is aflof.

40-year-old-man-named-Edgar: Where you girls going? Is it my balding head? Is it the beer gut? Is it the fact that I smell like shit? Why am I aflof?

Both-of-the-girls: This guy doesnt even know why he’s aflof. waflof. i’m disappointed.