Best definition
a particularly large amount of waffles

look at all those waffles

i think what you meant to say, was wafflez

wafflez: define #2
a kid named johnny wafflez pornmann who lives in upper vermont who will find ur facebook and pretty much troll ur entire family and skool cuz he is a attention whore. oh fuck ya dad.
guy1 “u seen that wafflez kid”

guy2 “nawww i thought he was fake”

guy1 “idk… but i want to kick his ass cuz hes a faggot.”

wafflez “plz… kick my ass… ill give u directions to my house to kill me. rt122 sheffield vermont 5th house on the left past the post office. do it pussy. bring ur fat gf and ur truck and plz kick my ass.”

wafflez: define #3
An oral sex master; gives the best oral sex; master in the art of oral sex.
She is the best wafflez I have ever encountered!
wafflez: define #4
To love someone as a friend. To love someone with out wanting to be inside of them/ have them inside of you.
Billy: See you later man!

Joe: Wafflez!