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this is when people chat bare shit.

person 1: i’m gonna bang you up!!!

person 2: stop chattin bare wafflecakes
wafflecakes: define #2
waffle cake
a load of bullshit that someone may tell you about themselves or other people.
Friend:yo what did you do today?

Moe:yeh you wont believe what happend i got into this fat beef and then i found this gat next to me so i shot one of the guys.

Friend:Allow you and you waffle cake.
wafflecakes: define #3
crazy oral sex.
Instead of going to eat with a friend, Cassie went with alby to make wafflecakes.
wafflecakes: define #4
A young woman who is usually Indian and lives in Canada. Commonly, she is very sexy and says faggot with a retarded accent. She has very nice boobies and is always pretty, even when she says shes not. She has bad online habits and is very naive sometimes.. but shes smart too.
Girl: What’s football?

Boy: Don’t be silly, wafflecakes.