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The process of taking someone’s bare ass and a tennis racket. Pressing the tennis racket up to their bare cheeks

hard, and then taking a wire brush (like a grill brush) and rubbing it vigorously back and forth on the tennis racket.

That guy deserves a wafflebutting for what he did.
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waffle butt
Noun. The condition of having criss-cross indentions on your rear & legs from sitting on a yard chair in shorts.
We’ve been sitting out here so long, I’ve got waffle butt.
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Waffle Butt
waffle butt is what female prison guards get after pressing their ass up against the chain link fence in order for detainees/prisoners to fuck them from behind. after being perched/pressed up against there long enough the chain link fence leaves and impression similar to a waffle on the buttocks. this usually takes place in terrorists prison camps i.e. Iraq or Guantanamo bay.
-“Lance corporal suzy Q. had a really bad case of waffle butt when i relieved her on the compund rover watch.”


-Sarge-“Airforce Amy got flown of the TIF this morning.”

-LCpl-“what did she do this time?”


-LCpl-“oh shit! was it Jackson or Pruitt?”

-Sarge-“nope, Mustafah…evidentally she was giving up the waffle butt while she was on shift!”
wafflebutt: define #4
“Wafflebutt” is a pejoritive directed at cops in general, and motorcycle cops in particular.

This definition is based on the impression left on the gabardine pants worn by motorcyle cops from the criss-cross pattern on their bike saddles, and implies laziness based on the duration required to impress the pattern on their butts.

This definition prevailed in the ’70s and before.
“Hey, wafflebutt! Get off your ass and do something!”