waffle stomping

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waffle stomping
Waffle stomping is when you shit in the shower and step on it to make it go down the drain.

Evan was Waffle Stomping in the shower this morning…
waffle stomping: define #2
Shitting in the shower and mashing it down the drain.
I didn’t have time to get out of the shower, so I had to resort to wafflestomping. Note to self: shit first, then shower.
waffle stomping: define #3
Waffle Stomping
The act of taking a massive dump in a shower and stomping it down the drain.
“I was pressed for time, so I had to do a Waffle Stomping this morning”
waffle stomping: define #4
Waffle stomping
Taking a shit on the shower drain and stomping it in to clog the drain
We were late cause we were Waffle stomping in the girls bathroom
waffle stomping: define #5
when youre playing bastion in overwatch and killing newbies
Jim: What You do today

Guy: When I’m playing bastion and wafflestomping newbies, I need the percision that only a mouse can give me.