waffle stomp

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waffle stomp
to defecate in the shower and then proceed to try to stomp it down the drain with your foot

In a hurry to cover up the evidence, she waffle stomped.
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verb. To defecate on a shower floor near a drain and to begin stomping the fecal matter through the drain, thus creating a waffle imprint.
I totally wafflestomped in Joey’s shower last night. He’s such a fucking retard.
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waffle stomp
When you take a shit in the shower, and stomp it down the drain with your foot.
If I get drunk enough tonight, I’m gonna use it as an excuse to waffle stomp my ex’s shower. Fuck her house party!
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waffle stomp
When one poops in the shower, and stomps it down the drain with bare feet. making the poop into what looks like waffles
dude, i shit in the shower and stomped it down the drain. waffle stomp
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Waffle Stomp
The act of taking a shit in a shower and stomping it down the drain, which typically has a bunch of square shaped holes in it, like a waffle. Hence the name “Waffle Stomping”.
Bro someone was waffle stomping in this shower…
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waffle stomp
the act of stepping on feces in the shower as to push it down the drain through the slotted drain cover creating a waffle like poop squirt. waffle stomped – past, waffle stomping – present progressive waffle stomper – nasty hoe
After eating some taco bell, bad bottom bitch Bobby used his fleet enema while taking a shower at the local bath house. To his horror, the drain cover was welded in place, forcing Bobby to waffle stomp the massive dookie down the drain.
waffle stomp: define #7
Verb. “Waf-ful-stomp”

To use a treaded boot to stomp something soft, thus leaving an impression of the boot which looks similar to the imprint left by a waffle iron.

Use: “Did you see Jason wafflestomp his french fries when they served them cold?!”