waffle fries

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waffle fries
A mound of unusual looking potatoes that are never salted enough that we love to chew on and tell Chik-Ployees

to give us for free around the texarkana area, sometimes demanded with a chicken sandwich.

Give me a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries… for FREE! NOW!!! Stop looking at the floor and get me my sammich!!!
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Waffle Fry
Also known as a boy who looks a waffle fry. Usually lasts only about 6 seconds in bed. Major fuckboy and usually is a virgin before you get to him. He will let you take his virginity and then never talk to you again. Watch out for these they are not tasty like the actually food, they are dangerous.
“Oh my god he reminds me of a waffle fry! He is a waffle fry, lets now refer to him as waffle fry.”
waffle fries: define #3
waffle fry
a nickname you give to a tiny guy. a miniscule person that fits in your pocket.
person 1: hey, what are you doing tonight?

person 2: naa tonight im busy, im hanging out with my waffle fry.

person 1: fucking queer.

person 1: oh shit, i dropped my regular fry in between the couch seats. hey, my waffle fry, can you get it? you’re small and miniscule!

person 2: sure.