waffle face

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waffle face
A condition caused by being handcuffed in the rear seat of a police car while the driver acclerates and brakes

suddenly, causing the face to impact the metal screen between front seats and back seats.

The accused child molester got a bad case of waffle face on the way to the station.
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waffle face
The condition that follows when someone falls asleep at their computer. It refers to the pattern that is created on the person’s face when his face rests on the keyboard as he sleep.
“If I don’t go to bed soon, I’m definitely going to succumb to waffle face.”
waffle face: define #3
waffle face
In tennis or racquetball, to hit a player in the face with your racquet.
Out of all his tantrums on the tennis court, I wonder if John McEnroe ever gave anyone a waffle face–even the referees.
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Waffle Face
Waffle face is the pinnacle of unatractiveness. Waffle face far exceeds butt ugly, and is ugliness at its ugliest. Ugly in ways that defy logic or explanation.
Waffle Face makes broccolli face seem attractive. Waffle Face looks like she got hit in the face with a waffle iron. She is so ugly I can not look at her. Waffle Face has a face that even a mother could not love.
waffle face: define #5
waffle face
A girl with a face that leaves a tremendous amount to be desired facially.
“Hey look, there is Jenny the waffle face, with the awful face”