waffle burger

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Like a cheeseburger, only you use waffles instead of buns. Some people add syrup to their waffle burgers also.

Person; Dude, I ran out of buns for my burger so I had to use waffles.

Other Person; Yay, a waffle burger!

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A Waffleburger is a burger that is in the shape of a waffle. Developed by Michael Farinacci in the early 1970’s. The waffling or cells of the waffleburger trap the condiments and keep them from squeezing out thereby enhacing the flavors of the burger. www.waffleburger.com is the web site to read more about the history of the Waffleburger.
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Waffle Burgerfood
A waffle Burger is a complicated sexual act. To perform a Waffle Burger, firstly the man ties some fishing wire to a piece of bacon (or any kind of meat) and gets his woman to swallow it – making sure he is still holding the other end of the wire.

When the man is about to climax, he yanks the wire (still attatched to the bacon) causing the lady to gag. This gag reflex tightens her vagina and causes a more pleasurable orgasm for the man.
Waffle burger’s are a common sexual act performed in the nearby English viallges, Alrewas, Yoxall, Kings Bromley and Barton