waffle boy

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waffle boy
slang;indecisive –
it means John Kerry

“I am for it and against it” – John Kerry
waffle boy: define #2
Waffle Boy
Indecisive Asshole
Nicky your such a waffle boy!
waffle boy: define #3
waffle boyfood
Its a drug dealer (trap) reffered to the waffle syrup traps.
Got to pick up a Bag from my waffle boy
waffle boy: define #4
Waffle Boy
A metaphor for a specific type of male specimen that are really sweet, you crave them and you want them – just like waffles! When you get it, it’s the best thing ever and you just want more drizzled with chocolate and ice cream etc. Then right before the point you realise you’re in love with this ‘waffle,’ you being to feel sick really REALLY fast from eating so much at one time. You become fuller and fuller until you just can’t eat any more ‘waffles.’ You just stop eating your waffles until the next time you feel like then.

The male usually influences your decision to love him or hate him.

Karen: …I just don’t know what to do. Sometimes I love him, sometimes I hate him!

Patricia: Hmmm GURLL, u gotta Waffle Boy on your hands!

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