waffle batter

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waffle batter
Another word for penis.

Andy sniffed Ernie’s waffle batter all night long, until sperm came out of ernie’s waffle batter
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Waffle Batter
During oral inter coarse, when a male ejaculates into a females mouth then she throws up and spits it out then sucks it up and swishes it around in her mouth then swallows it. The fluid created is waffle batter.
My girlfriend made that waffle batter last night. It was pretty nasty but she kept sucking it back up!
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Waffle Batter
The act of a male having sex with a female whose vagina is infected with blue waffle, then ejaculating baby batter upon or inside said vagina.
“Dude…Jack scored last night with that broad with a blue waffle!”

“Shit, yeah, man, that guy gave her waffle batter!”
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Waffle Batter
The fluid that is made by cumming in a girls mouth and she throws up and the cum, saliva, and vomit mix.
Hey bro I totally made waffle batter with my girl last night. It was gross.