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Korean word (왜). Means ‘Why’.

Wae are you like this?
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Something a Ugandan Knuckles would say
Do you know da wae? *click* *click* *click*
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Is usually a tumblr thing, mostly used by asians.

Is like, another way of saying:


Jonghyun and Shin Ke Kyung?


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Part of a popular meme known as Ugandan Knuckles and is said by a morphed version of the Knuckles character from Nintendo. This meme appears most on VRchat and is based around many of these “Ugandan Knuckles” crowding around someone they name as their “Queen”. They name people as attackers and in revolt against said person. They will rally their brothers (more of these Ugandan Knuckles) and chase their “attacker” chanting “Spit on him”. Another part of this meme is Ebola. They claim that one must have Ebola to “know da wae”. On VRchat these sayings are chanted many times with various clucking and clicking in between. Videos of this meme can be found on YouTube if you would like to know more.
Do you know da wae

I know da wae

My queen, She know da wae.

You must have Ebola to know da wae

Brothers! Spit on him, because he doesn’t know da wae.
wae: define #5
W.A.E (Would Anyone Else)

Shorthand for sites such as Reddit when a user asks others their opinion about something.

WAE make a one way trip to Mars?
wae: define #6
someone you wish was your bae
I was talking to Mia when I saw my wae walking towards me in the hall.

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wae: define #7
weed. pot. marajuna. whatever.
Let’s go smoke mad WAE.