wadu hek

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wadu hek
“Wadu Hek” are the only two words in the Wadustani language, a language invented by Twitch Streamer and stream sniper,


Wadu wadu wadu hek.
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wadu hek
Wadu hek is a predominant code used to say “send booty pics” or to send nudes in general. it is also general used by the famous Wadu in PUBG who is one of Twitch’s Shroud’s most dedicated stream snipers.
Waaaadu hek

wadu hek

wadu hek ?
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Wadu Hek
Cloud9 Shroud’s most dedicated stream sniper in PUBG. His catchphrase: Wadu Hek makes him very popular, for those who knows Shroud.

He was often hunted or avenged by fans lmao

Me: wadu hek…

Players: dafug it means?

Me: doesnt know. dont ask me XD
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wadu hek
wadu hek is a stupid way of saying “What the heck”, famous from a semi-big streamer Scoutiver
wadu hek did you just do?

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