Best definition
Stuffing; the insides of something

Dayum, when that slit ran the red light and almost hit us, it scared the wadding out of me.
wadding: define #2
The act of inserting larger and larger objects into the urethra of the penis to stretch it out. Usually performed until another penis can be inserted into it.
I’ve been wadding myself so much I can’t stop peeing. But I can fit two dicks in there now.
wadding: define #3
A fake wedding, the ultimate punchline of being engauged. Most likely an overblown party where the hosts/hostesses are audacious enough to ask for wadding presents in the hopes their friends would just play along and give them a fake wedding in case they never have a real one.
“So we’ve picked a date for the wadding, and we’re registered at Bed Bath and Beyond.”

“Did you get your wadding invitation? It’s a black tie affair.”

“Our wadding is going to be so beautiful…and full of wine and naughty pictures”

“Did you hear, Paul is doing the catering for our wadding?”