Best definition
a true art form. lying to someone’s face about something they really care about only to shout WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADANG at the

end to make them feel like the stupidest piece of shit to ever walk the earth. there is no limit to creativity here either group whadangs are encouraged

ryers: dude mack can you believe the girl you madeout with last night was a guy?

mack: are you fuckin serious???

ryers: yah dude i found out like an hour after you were all over her

mack: fuck dude thats so gross

ryers: yah man you must be gay

mack: *crying*

wadang: define #2
Wa Dang
To insult or diss someone and then rub it in their face
you get tripped in the hall and find Clark standing over you screaming “WA DANG BITCH!”