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The state of being wack. A measure of the degree to which someone or something is wack. Alternatively,

an exclamation indicating a high degree of wackness in the general surroundings.

I sense wackness emanating from these emcees.
wackness: define #2
1 the opposite of dopeness
“man instead of looking at all the dope things in your life you look at the wack. it’s like, stop caring about the wackness”
wackness: define #3
A term used to identify discriminatory behavior such as ostracizing peepers, exclusion out of false perception, prejudice, intent, and of lack of empathy. Could also be used to call out those who engage in sociopathic behavior or narcissism. A somewhat polite way of calling someone an asshole.
“Why are my co workers not inviting to any of the office parties?”

“Did you hear what Trump said about building a wall?” That is wackness!