Best definition
1. messed up
2. to be killed by the mafia in a hit

1. That kid is so wacked

2. I heard Mario got wacked last night while he was in his house.
wacked: define #2
just plain crazy…and fun……out of this world……
she’s wacked out….. I know I am……… nice
wacked: define #3
when you’ve done a ton of coke and youyr talking more then jerry springer.
They where all wacked at cookies house last week. Loke cornered me and would not shut the fuck up.
wacked: define #4
mafia term of “killed”
I heard Tony got “wacked” last night!
wacked: define #5
To be killed by the Mafia

To be really high on drugs

To get punched in the face

“Little Pauley was wacked last night by the mob I heard he turned snitch so they caught up with him for it”

“I had like 5 lines and I was wacked totally gone out of this world”

“Haha you got wacked in the face by big Mervin serves you right man I told you not to mess with him”

wacked: define #6
Slang term for when you’re really high after smoking a considerable amount of weed.
Dude.. I’m so wacked right now
wacked: define #7
in some places means not going too lessons or just not going to school. Can also be spelt – waked, wacking it, wacked, wakked
1) you wacking it today?

2) deffinatley i hate math

1)i wacked biology yesterday im in shit!