Wackass Personality Disorder

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Wackass Personality Disorder
A person that is suffering from Wackass Personality Disorder has two or more of the following symptoms present for at

least a week:
1)Dresses in a matter were none of his or her articles of clothing matches.
2)Listens to music based on how cool it is.
3)Assumed to be homosexual, mainly because of the resemblance of his or her personality attributes to that of a homosexual.
4)Has an admiration for only the things that he or she likes. Everything else sucks.
5)Never crosses his mind that he or she is actually not cool at all and therefore the disorder persists until help is administered.
6)Overwhelmingly self-centered. Other people are perceived to be something less. This could also be a sign of a sociopath.
7)Shows signs of inauthenticity and/or blatant exaggerations. Not original at all. This is usually the first sign of the disorder.
8)Excessively materialistic to the point were items are bought solely for the prestige.
9)Lies about various things in order to hide from the public his or her condition.
Wackass Personality Disorder is a serious disorder of the personality that needs to be treated immediately upon diagnosis. Left untreated, the person suffering from it can have dire consequences leading to a more severe case of Wackass Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Person 1: What’s up with the graph paper designed shirt with the pink shorts?

Psychologist: He might be severely suffering from Wackass Personality Disorder. It’s a very common disorder nowadays.