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adj. wack-a-DOOTZ
1. An elongated form of the term “whack,” used to place greater emphasis on the whackness of a situation.

(see whack)
2. A term placing extreme emphasis on the negativity of a situation.
Note: The greater the emphasis placed on the “d” in “wackadootz,” the greater the emphasis from the word itself.
e.g. That skeet smelled wackadoots.
‘That skeet smelled wackaDoots.
wackadootz, whackadootz, wakkadootz, wackadoots

1. “Yo, did you hear about my car? A gang of porn addicted Indonesian midget ninja’s broke in, whipped out their wankers and splooshed all over my seats!” Reply, ” Damn, thats wackadootz!”

2. “Damn, having herpes is wackadootz!”

3. “Yo, on the real tip, your momma’s meatloaf is wackadootz.”