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A person who is a step beyond crazy.

Watch out for the one with the funny look in her eye, I hear she’s a total wackadoo.
wackadoo: define #2
A person that is crazy beyond belief and doesn’t seem to notice.
Sabrina is a wackadoo.
wackadoo: define #3
Wack a doo
Someone that is crazy or nuts.
Billy’s a Wack a doo for painting his hair orange and blue.
wackadoo: define #4
A person that loves to have fun all the time and tends to be a little goofy.
“Honey… why do you always have to be such a wackadoo?”

“You are such a wackadoo and that’s why I love you so much!”

wackadoo: define #5
Erin is the wackiest wackadoo of all the doo’s.
wackadoo: define #6
Mentally insane people or there actions. Different way to say your a nut.
His ex girlfriend was wackadoo.
wackadoo: define #7
A word that can mean numerous cuss words at once
Your a fucking wackadoo