Best definition
1. An adjective used to describe something so ridiculously blown out of porportion that it surpasses the capability of one

indivdual to think logically to describe what they just exprienced.
2. Absolutely psychotic and deranged.


Billy: Yo, Alex go pick me up some choclate biscuttes and biches for my dorm room!

Alex: What the F*!? its 3am what kind of wackadocious S* are you doing?


Jason: yo, did you hear about the Hofstra rapist? I heard he cuts you head off and chops you up into little pieces and freezes you in an Ice cube tray for his infamous frozen meat-pops

Alex: Ugggh What kind of Wackadocious individual does that….well thats one way get rid of hofstra girls.. Oh hey domer !