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german origin that means “sentinel”

Wachter is the man
Wachter: define #2

To bang a girl on a park bench and stick 3 countem 3 fingers in her butthole. Works well with brittish girls in princeton, nj
i was runnin the loop and i saw some chick and i totally wachtered her.
Wachter: define #3
One who poses, is a wanna-be, loser, penis wrinkle, schister, Cake-eater all rolled into one this is only seen in very rare occasions but when it is it is referred to as a Wachter.
Tom: That dude is so wack i don’t even know what to call him.

Nick: Oooo my friend, its called a Wachter.
Wachter: define #4
German for guard or watchman. In German it is spelled Wächter.
Ich bin Wächter und ich heiße Bob Wachter.
Wachter: define #5
when you have nothing to say so you smile and flip your hair
The kid sat silently and pulled a wachter
Wachter: define #6
Meglomaniac , ok people tend to whore the little power they do have.
here you are in charge of the house tonight oh ok well in that case do this this oh yes and some of this or get the hell out of my house..