Best definition
A term of excitement, approval or ending any common sentences coined by one Jesse Stephenson.

Got my tickets to NKOTBSB. WABAM!!!!

I’m going to bed. WABAM!
WABAM: define #2
wa bam
An exclamation for when you are really happy, see something super cute, beat someone in a competition, or just feel like saying it!
Oh man I just beat you at chess … WA BAM!
WABAM: define #3
Adv. An onomatopoeia associated with pulling one’s penis out in an inappropriate situation.
“They were making out in the stair-well when all of a sudden he just whipped it out, ‘Wabam’.”
WABAM: define #4
In yo face!
You like my new vans??? WaBAM!!
WABAM: define #5
A girl with a really skinny waist and a huge ass……..WABAM!
A nice skinny girl….and then WABAM!
WABAM: define #6
To be crazy ill. totally out there. Sponataneous
that guy was…WABAM!

we were talkin about CSI & then WABAM she says shes getting a new puppy.

Omg that food was WABAM!

WABAM: define #7
A very hilarious sound Jared Joesph makes. To make people smile : A word made up by Megan Ashley 😛
Jared goes WABAM!