Best definition
Waalex is my user name and these lame kids “Wilhelm””Skullpop” are utter gimps.

Waalex is cooler than Wilhelm and Skullpop.
waalex: define #2
crap name i mean waalex how crap
hello im waalex and im a batty
waalex: define #3
Waalex rules, no way a gimp, like aaron who sucks good charlotte and loves them but they suck. Aaron thinks hes hard but hes just a slapwhore
Waalex Rules
waalex: define #4
Wilhelm is a Twaty shit face with a banus the size of the empire state building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skullpop is an utter gimp who does strange erotic monkey dances for his mum, he then fingers his mum up the arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wilhelm and Skullpop are dick heads
waalex: define #5
waalex is a loser name it basically means batty boy
ha ha look you are such a waalex
waalex: define #6
not a gimp i take back wat i said but your mum is a gimp
waalexs mum is a gimp