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Tired of foolish words like l33t and w00t? Ever find yourself wanting to purge netspeak from the earth like the

plague that it is? Never fear, legendary wordsmith Eric is here with the cure. “w33t.”
Simply bombard any offending netspeakers with phrases involving w33t, such as “I’m whole w33t, yo.”.
With enough repetition, they will develop a severe allergy to any wheat-based foods and spontaneously combust the next time they eat a sandwich.
You will have rid the world of another insipid netspeaker.

“Liek omg i wuz doing this thing and some stuff and somebody sed something and i wuz like w00t and they were like omg and do u wanna cyber ASL?”

‘I think I’ll pass. I’m whole w33t, yo.’


A week later, she exploded after eating a cracker. True story.
w33t: define #2
Derivative of w00t. An expression of joy or excitement. In plan english, weet.
I beat the game! w33t!
w33t: define #3
Hybrid of w00t and sweet, created from way too much excitement and typing too fast.
I Soloed Cazic-Thule in EverQuest today! w33t!!
w33t: define #4
A variation on the word “w00t”. Cross between that and “sweet”.
I passed my final! w33t!