Best definition
1. A word to fill a gap in a sentence.
2. A major typo.

1. (a) That was completely w0proto. (b) I fell and sprained my w0protor. (c) Where the w0protor did I leave my pen? (d) Aww, w0protor, I w0protored in some w0protoring dog w0protor.
w0protor: define #2
1) “W00tx0r” Spelled while talking to multiple people, and trying to listen to the soviet national hymn.

2) Phrase of defiance, and expression of that certain feeling that you cannot express.

3) The actual meaning is elusive…but it’s deffinately there….somewhere.

“My teacher is such a w0protor, she sent me out of class for fuckin’ around with her w0protor.”

“ARG! What the..W0protor!!!!!”