Best definition Zósimo A man who is simply irresistible and will lull you with his passionate, romantic, and eloquent rhetoric.


Best definition Zétény He is a caring friend. He’ll always have your back and no matter what happens will still believe in you. As


Best definition Zéhmel Zéhmel means Like Whatevah, You Don’t Give A … you know :), You Don’t Know The Answer To A Question,


Best definition Zæzzzzzz Possibly the last current word in the Urban Dictionary. Also used to describe something of moderate greatness.


Best definition Zânela The best person you will ever meet truly inspiring and loving and caring anddddd she makes everyone happy. Never fails

ZÚM crew

Best definition ZÚM crew the name of a car club that featured only the nicest and fastest cars at Ceres High School in Ceres,


Best definition ZØLTØNized verb (past tense) A process where a thin layer of highly secure infosec process is electronically applied to an insecure

Z’s on

Best definition Z’s on To engage in the activity of sleeping. This usually occurs after long periods of strenuous activity and/or sex. However this