Best definition Y’LOO “You live only once,” the grammatically correct version of “YOLO,” or “you only live once.”The phrase “you only live once”


Best definition Y&T I can’t -BELIEVE- there isn’t an entry for this! They’re the best band ever! EVER! You know,

Y&R Jew

Best definition Y&R Jewreligion A Y&R Jew is maybe half a step above a JINO (Jewish in name only).


Best definition Y&H My ex girlfriend was in such a rush to get married and have kids after she turned 30 it was bumming me out. I broke up with her and found some nice Y&H to hang out with. I’ve been much happier since. Planning a big weekend in Vegas with all of the […]

Y!A Troll

Best definition Y!A Troll There are two kinds of trolls. ~~1st kind. REPORTER TROLLS. Hated by virtually everyone. And I bet deep down they hate

Y! Answers

Best definition Y! Answers A question and answer website made by Yahoo! where anybody with a yahoo mail account can join and help others