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Best definition yzek A strong and wise yet so athletic of a human that his charm is one of the strong points in


Best definition yza The girl I’m hopelessly in love with but I have to wait until her heart is healed from this dick


Best definition yz250fsports powerful four stroke motorcross dirt bike

yz 125

Best definition yz 125 A great race bike built by Yamaha. It will shit on any raptor after it crashes and explodes mid race,


Best definition yz250name The best damn dirt bike ever made…2 stroke


Best definition yyyyy Its were if youre constipated but dont want to say it.


Best definition yyyeeewwwsports A feeling of exhilaration commonly associated with nascar or any redneck sport.


Best definition yyymusic Shorthand for the band name “Yeah Yeah Yeahs.”


Best definition yywe An acronym used to say “yeah yeah, whatever,” when you just dont care enough to write more than 4 little


Best definition yysy Yeah yeah shit yeah.The bogan version of Yes yes definitely yes. To agree with some vehemently.Australian slang. Fuckin oath