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Best definition yzzerdd A term that originated from the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force used to trick friends that can sometimes cause your


Best definition yzza Beautiful Asian goddess that believes she is awesome and above all others.


Best definition yzz a gang based out of of seattle, washington


Best definition yzyn a middle english spelling of the old word for “iron”


Best definition yzuane She is a girl and funny sometimes and likes to talk about her brother a lot and she laughs a


Best definition yzr abbreviation for yes sir. hell yes, fuck yeah, you know it, without a doubt


Best definition yzmatic Characterized by actions or personality traits that pertain or relate to Yzma (of “The Emperor’s New Groove”), achieved most successfully


Best definition yzir The expression “yzir” (pronounced yz-er) can be used at any time, whenever the person feels like it. It could be


Best definition yzenia obnoxious girl, who loves to laugh and hang out with her best friend. ( and the close one). Having an


Best definition yzell A person with a small dick and a mouth for sucking dick. He is also an asshole, fuckboy, and a