Best definition xzylah A gorgeous, Person who is a great friend, with an amazing personality. That Xzylah has everything 🙂


Best definition xzoya The most beautiful gorgeous amazing girl in the world and that I love a lot she’s perfect in every way


Best definition xzors Used as a suffix to just about any word when used in the exclamaroty sense. Can also be just “zors”


Best definition xzit A very spiritual person who often has more than necessary erections.


Best definition xzilen A very rude person who is a hoe and plays everyone, he is stupid and is one of the most


Best definition xzify Basically a bunch of Sexy Cunts that like to play video game and watch porn. Were all a bunch of


Best definition xzibitizm Any line derived from the rapper Xzibit himself or the MTV show Pimp My Ride. Xzibitzms have been popularized by