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Best definition zzz the symbol that hovers above one’s head while they are sleeping


Best definition zzyba a small fly that lives in Africa


Best definition zzubbed mellowly trashed, nicely out of ones face, under the influence in a happily incoherent manner. Stems from the effect of


Best definition zzubdrugs zzub is backwards for a fucking buzz like when you chew, smoke, and drink reeb aka beer


Best definition zzt A ANSI Text Editor based game released in 1991 by Epic Megagames (specifically Tim Sweeny) supposedly standing for “Zoo of

zzt zzt

Best definition zzt zzt a hot girl, code so they dont know what your talking about


Best definition zzplague A terrible youtuber that makes terrible streams.


Best definition zzo38 An enigmatic figure, apparently of some history on the internet. zzo38 has featured in numerous internet circles, including the ZZT


Best definition zzina a bitch or stupid woman


Best definition zzirGrizz A fat 27 year old gamer. He no-scopes on the X-BOX 360 and drinks beer all day